Who I am

So to start off, who am I? My name is Sue (really Suzanne – but haven’t been called that since my mother used to holler it at me when I was in trouble 😉

I am the human being behind somethingxtraspecial. I have been making pea pods for what seems like forever now, and am always a little surprised at just how popular they are. They are the mainstay of what I do, and as far as I can tell I have the widest range of variety of solid silver pea pod items on the net. That’s not to say I have just that as far as I can see I have!
I make pea pods in pendants, earrings, rings, charms and bracelets and for the men in cufflinks, tie pins, tie slides and key rings. I make mine is solid fine silver and try to keep them at a competitive price so they are affordable – however with silver being as it has been recently they are a little more than they were 😉

So that’s the introduction out of the way.

In the middle of it (a tidy bench for once!)

If i had to describe myself –
I suppose firstly I relate to my height – I feel that has defined who I am in so many ways, how I dress and what shoes I wear. That may sound daft but at 6 ft it isn’t really easy to wear high elegant shoes, which means all my life I have had a look that goes with flat shoes. Generally that has veered towards the hippy kinda look. I tend to wear black mostly, not because its depressing or safe but because I love wearing accessories and the type of accessory I wear goes best with black. I am thin – not quite so much now I’m older, always used to be described as skinny, now I would say slim. Straight dark hair, green eyes. I’mn an aquarian – not that I particularly believe in that type of thing, but more becuase the description of a typical aqaurain is me.
And that really, is about as much as i feel I can say about me without starting to sound like I like talking about myself. This was more to give you a visual portrait.


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