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Label Printers – thank you Dymo!

12 Mar

I have an HP printer and it drives me nuts.
Until very recently I used Royal Mail Smart Stamp to do my postage, it was acceptable as a system, not fabulous, but saved me having to go to the post office daily. Then I had the revelation of using a mac and getting a mac! Life changed!
The biggest change is that Royal Mail – seriously – doesn’t support Macs! Can you believe it! So I was back to either going to the post office daily or faffing around with paypal and 4 labels to a sheet and an HP printer that constantly jammed up (probably from the unused labels).
So, reading on the etsy forums some seller extolling the virtues of their new Dymo label printer, I decided to check it out. Trust me, don’t try getting any official body to state that their product works with another product. I wrote to Dymo, I wrote to PayPal, I wrote to Brother, I wrote to Royal Mail, would any bugger give me a straight answer? No!
So, eventually I discovered that if you saved the postage label in paypal to a pdf, that would work to a certain extent. You could then select what you wanted and paste that to an A4 sheet and then attempt to print that out.
However! After two night running of not getting to bed till after 1pm because of printer jams, I decided to just go for it and get a Dymo printer and take the risk.
First night and once again I was tearing my hair out, they had sent me the wrong software – people don’t really look after Mac users so well. It’s like a secret society of people using a machine that is most definitely superior to its competition, but no one else will listen or give any help.
Anyway – the people who sold me the Dymo printer were very quick to send me the link of the updated software (would have been nice to have had it at the time, but better late than never.)
And I have spent a glorious day printing off labels like there is no tomorrow. It is amazingly fast, the print quality is second to none – I could not be more delighted and just wanted to say so!
So – I LOVE MY DYMO LABEL PRINTER!. If you were thinking of it – do it you won’t be sorry!