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14 Mar

I am getting so ranty.  I accept technology moves on, in fact I love technology  – but – why is everything starting to get so interlinked, so interwoven that what ever you do on one site automatically updates on another site.

When I first joined X, I joined X.  I read X’s T’s & C’s and agreed to them and that was it.  I checked it all out, changed the settings to what I liked and was good to go.  Then Y gets into bed with X and now they decide that anyone who knows X must automatically like and want to be friends and go to the same parties as Y.  That just isn’t true.

It’s all done under the cover of being easier, that you just use one sign in for everything, but that isn’t the story really is it.  But what I don’t get, except for the wider audience to advertise to, is what advantage is it to Google, Youtube, Pintinterest, Etsy, Facebook, Twitter to all be interlinked?  And how, when you haven’t signed in with a different sites sign in, does the first even know.

I’m seeing all sort of worrying things.  Friends writing privately to my lovely man on Facebook – privately mind, and it being posted on my wall?  I go to youtube and upload something, and then find it has been posted to Facebook. A post from over a year ago with a link to my Facebook page (from her Facebook wall) on my Facebook page and absolutely impossible to remove it.  The fact that I didn’t want that information on my page is neither here nor there – well in fact it’s very much here and there and in the end I had to delete the contact as a friend as the only way to remove the post.  At a later date I will add them again, but I do not want that information on my page.  I didn’t write it, I didn’t post it so why the effing hell is it on there without the ability for me to remove it.  I was also on paypal the other day, and noticed at the bottom of the ‘secure sign in page’ that a mutual acquaintance ‘liked’ Paypal’ – Excuse me!!  And on it goes.

here endeth  midnight rant.


Too old for Facebook?

25 Feb

So.. timeline came in for me on the 16th February, I have kinda tried to get used to it, but everyday something is really getting on my bloody nerves.  First it starting putting so much random junk on there, but I have slowly controlled that.  Next, on my feed I am seeing messages from one person to another person – it feels like I’m eavesdropping – I mean what is that all about?  Then, when I was trying to remove some photos I noticed this:

Can you see that?  the photo is ‘sponsored’ – I mean seriously what is that all about?  I in fact pay for Facebook advertising, and it’s reasonably effective, but does that mean I am ‘sponsoring’ people to look at their own photos? Am I paying to get on other people’s tits the way this is getting on mine?

And the really sad thing is, that over the last week, at least 4 people have said to me, in not so many words, ‘maybe I am just too old now for Facebook’.

Is that what the organisers of Facebook are trying to do? get rid of anyone over 35? Really? Or am I just a really grumpy cow today?