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10 Nov

Thank you and goodbye

13 May

I was persuaded by other Mac using friends that wordpress was the way to go, and that blogger just didn’t cut it. So, I have given it a shot, played around, brought stuff over, but I’m afraid I just can’t get on with it, so, this is it, going home to blogger.
If you would like to meet up again do come and visit:
peace and happiness
and more than a few smiles
be with you on your journey.

Playing with balls – just love my balls!

22 Apr

I just adore granulation and love torching silver.  There is something inherently satisfying in having total control over something solid, turning it to liquid and then deciding where it should go,  Playing god with metal ?? lol.  I also am trying out different types of adjustable ring, life is so much easier when the ring can just be adjusted slightly rather than completely made, so here are a couple of try outs, not brilliant but ok.


Wrap over ball band







The Uncountables

29 Feb

The Uncountables at the Edge of the Wedge

Once again a fab night with the boys.  Luc, Lewis, Alan and Tom.  Tuesday night isn’t really a night I ever fancy going out, and I had to truly drag myself out, but was so glad I did.  The boys are getting better and better and The Edge of the Wedge is a great venue.  They have ditched the slows and have moved on to more lively stuff which works really well. I have to say Lewis on bass is so animated now, he never used to move, he reckons it was because the neck of his bass was so long 😉 , but he is just ‘Mr jump round the stage’. Luc I have never seen doing solo guitar slots and I didn’t know he was such a good guitarist, the lovely Alan is just a joy to watch – he enjoys himself so much.  Tom, what a talented man Tom the drummer is, and why is the drummer always in the back, in the dark so no one can see them?  They never get any glory but without drummers well – what do you have?

What always makes these evenings so good are the students, they really know how to enjoy themselves, I wish I was that uninhibited!

Fab night.


26 Feb

So, I am loving WordPress – so many things to play with, however, STILL my googleanalytics doesn’t work, I have done everything I can think of, but still that blasted yellow triangle is there – and now my arm is going dead and I have a horrid feeling I have given myself RSI!  Great – should’ve gone out and enjoyed the gorgeous day that was apparently there!

Landmark – hit 300 on etsy

23 Feb

You know when you wait for the kettle to boil and it just doesn’t… I’m on 299 sales on easy and, whereas there were 4 sales yesterday, just one today and that next one just hasn’t come through!! My bet is on that it’ll be a pea pod charm.

Update: It wasn’t a charm after all but these earrings! Yay – hit 300!!!

Interested in Pinterest?

15 Feb

So, Pinterest!! If you don’t know it, it’s fab. I stayed away for a long time, thought ‘oh no’ not another thing to have to keep logging into and then get shown everyone else’s etsy new listing. I have to say I have now unfollowed so many people on twitter because of that very thing. (Does that make me a bad person?) (;-)

So .. Pinterest;
if you don’t know, effectively you are given an online pin board, and then where ever you go online, whatever you see online (mostly images), you pin that to your board(s). It will put the url as well. So for example, if you were trying to decide where to go on holiday, you could either search online or search the pinterest board search (which is hugely effective and extensive) and then just pin those images up. As other people see them, they can repin them. So what you end up having is lots of very very beautiful and very interesting boards of images, in all different types of subjects and interests.
You aren’t supposed to use it for purely self promotion, more as an appreciation thing, however most people have one board which reflects who they are. The lovely thing is you can do a board of all the people who do work that you admire – and what a lovely way to show them that you admire them! And you can just keep adding and adding. I keep seeing the most inspiringly beautiful things.
Right gotta go, things to pin and see.
If it interests you, do go and have a look, come and join me!

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QR Code

9 Feb

Ok, so this is my QR code!! If you don’t know, it’s a bar code effectively, a bar code that takes you to a web link. You scan it with an app on your phone and once it has focussed and processed – it will click and then give you the url and take you to the page. So if you scan this funny image above with your phone, (if you have the app) you will be taken to my website! Cool eh! Obviously not an awful lot of use for websites, as if you are on the web you’d really just type the url in, however in magazines, business cards, on invoices etc etc it seems like a really great idea.
If you want the app just go to your app market and look for bar code scanner – they are usually free.
I tried using one on my phone early last year and gave up, it just didn’t seem to work, but things move fast, and now these are appearing all over the place.
Thought you might find this interesting, I just quite like the design.

Nik nak iPadi Mac

5 Feb

So, last week my computer died. No problem I have a laptop! er – I had a laptop. Turned it on and it had died too.

Over Christmas my lovely man had gotten himself an iPad, and I have to say I so totally
fell in love with it I just had to get one too. I had a little netbook which was fab, but this beauty did everything plus plus plus.
I’ve had it 3 or 4 weeks now and couldn’t love it more.
So, when the big beast and the smaller beastie took their last breaths and died, I asked someone I know if they could fix it. Apparently it was very old (7 years – 7 years is old??) and so in the end it just came down to it needed replacing.
Went to the computer shop and looked and looked. The Mac called me over and seduced me so fully and complete I couldn’t resist and walked out the shop with a shiny brand spanking new beautiful object. At the moment we are still getting to know each other. I had been in a very long relationship before with big beast and had gotten used to my ex’s special ways, and am having to slowly get used to Macs new ways. They are different but so interesting. So far I am besotted. That ridiculous photo above is just me playing around on here, but it just has the coolest little features. (My room looks very grown up doesn’t it – not how I think it looks at all!)

To sell Whole or not to sell Whole – that is the question!

17 Jan

The issue of wholesale comes up quite often and it’s an issue that interests me very much. Generally when a supplier contacts someone for wholesale they are asking for 50% discount on things like jewellery and art.When this is a bricks and mortar shop I kind of understand the issue, they have a lot of overheads that need covering as well as making a profit.What I’m not sure is whether a lot of people who ask about wholesale actually understand how this affects the individual artist.If you look at the process, the following steps are all jolly time consuming, for example:You sit in a cafe and try and come up with some inspiration, or you stare at the TV and an idea comes into your head or maybe just as you are falling asleep a shape with a texture comes to mind, you then can’t sleep until you have made a note of it, just in case you forget in the morning. (Okay – was being a little silly there).You then need to work out what supplies you need.Lets take a simple disc pendant. You need to buy in the sheet silver, the rings, the chain. This is time consuming in itself, checking round all the different suppliers, trying to find the best price, the best quality you can afford and of course having to spend the time doing the searching and then paying the postage. You need to have a disc cutter or saw, a hammer, a drill, some kind of shaping tool. These tools aren’t cheap and don’t just jump into your workshop, again you have to look around, check prices, etc. If you are adding colour you’ll need the equipment for the that. Then comes the making. Marking it out, cutting / sawing or hammering the shape out. Shaping somehow. Cleaning it up, sanding, fine sanding. If it needs soldering you’ll need the soldering equipment. If you’ve soldered then you’ll have to pickle it. Then the polishing equipment and the time it takes to polish it.So now we have a piece ready for sale – maybe – it will have taken a lot longer than that – sure I’ll have forgotten a step or two.Now to sell it online needs a reasonable camera, take the photos, upload the photos, edit the photos, for me I always have to piddle around with the white balance, maybe there is a hair in the picture that you need to edit out, or maybe the light just wasn’t good enough anyway and you have to start all over again. (you would not believe how time consuming that can be.) Now you have to write a description for it, you need to calculate the price, with postage and packing (which needs to be calculated somewhere – it is costly adding up postage (I spent over £100 ($160) in a month on postage in November), buying boxes, tissue paper, jiffy bags, business cards – etc etc!So you calculate the price and this is where the wholesale conundrum gets messy.If say for example I cost something out at 7. Say I choose to sell at 20 to cover all those things above (an hourly wage? mmm). Now Mr X who comes along and says hey would you like to supply us at wholesale of 50%, you know what that means? that means that he pays 10 and makes 10, I pay 7 and make 3! So what do you do? cost it at 7 and sell at 40? 60? it gets rediculous, and you have to take the market into account, forget about trying to compete with the hobbyists who hardly (and often don’t) cover their costs.And that I have to say is where I am starting to completely lose interest in wholesale. Many people are very pleasant, however some are really quite snooty when you try and negotiate and say a lower price and they then tell you that it really just isn’t worth their while. I always want to ask what makes them think it could ever be worth my while. And I’d love to ask them what they have done towards creating the item. As I say, I kinda get it for solid on the high street shops, there are a lot of costs involved in running a shop, but the many website sellers who I have heard from, I am sure they feel that they are working very hard to run their website, – well actually so am I. So next time you ask for wholesale, maybe think that at the very least going halves on the profit with teh creator is fair without trying to push them into out pricing themselves in order to cover their costs and make a fair amount for actually doing all the hard work.

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