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That moon tonight……

7 Feb

It’s a really crisp chilly night, I was walking round to the corner shop and a scruffy young lad (maybe a little worse for wear) crossed the street looked up and said to his girlfriend (I presume – also slightly worse for wear – or maybe just pig gin frozen stiff) “oi – cum ‘ere – look – the moon tonight – it’s really fucking beautiful”

I did smile – it was really lovely and he was right it’s bloody gorgeous tonight, a huge close, clear moon. And I was transported back a gadzillion years, to being on Java, I was being a given a ‘rickshaw’ ride by a young local lad, who said something lovely.
him ‘where you from’
me “Paris, I live in Paris’ (cos I did at the time)
him ‘ Oh… Paris. Look, look at the moon’
me ‘Yes very beautiful!’
him ‘ Yes Java has very beautiful moon…. do you have a moon in Paris?’

and you know.. at that moment I was just filled with gratitude for everything I had been given by being lucky enough to be born into the society I had been born into, where basic education was just taken totally for granted. We have a lot missing in society nowadays but I just can’t imagine any one in this society asking that question. But I still feel a really warm feeling when I think of that night and his pure innocence.

I was also reminded (coming from a Naval family) that tonight – absolutely everyone around the world, wherever they are, is going to be looking at the same moon, so if you are looking at it at the same time as me, we can be on different sides of the world (night cover permitting) and looking at the same thing – a connection!
So.. do you have a moon in your country? 😉

Semblance of order among the chaos

30 Oct

For a brief moment yesterday, my bench had some order to it. The photo on the right is only showing one end of the room of course, where most of the chaos reigns, and doesn’t show the bunk to the left which has trays of stuff all over it plus supplies, or the other end of the room which has all the packaging materials, but I am pretty please with how clear it looks. I have a week coming up soon where I can spend a lot more time in here than I have been able to lately, I am so looking forward to that.
What I really want is a ten foot long solid bench, but this room is upstairs and it wouldn’t fit, so I will have to make do with my two work stations at the moment, but I have to say it’s much better than what I used to have to make do with.
Anyway, just thought I’d show the world where I live at the weekends.

A collection of beautiful things by stunning artistic types!

21 May

Just felt like doing a treasury of my favourite things on etsy – enjoy!

My life in pets

5 Apr

I have this weekend gotten my house back to myself. Life has changed!! yay! I have been able to move all the junk and rubbish into the junk and rubbish holders, and it is now an organised tip. I think the cats have summed up exactly how it feels, serene and safe!

Recreating nature???

11 Mar

I love geodes, and decided to try my hand at making one in silver. This was made with cork clay and then inset with amethyst crystal zirconia. It’s not huge but quite unusual, as it looks like a silver egg straight on although there is a glint of lovely mauve crystal at the top, when you look in it glistens with mauve and purple crystals. Devils own job to polish the outside to make it so smooth.

The Lazy Week and the ruddy back with a vengeance!

20 Feb

I am now on the last day of my week off, that turned out to be one of the laziest weeks I’ve had for ages. I had so many plans for ‘making’ but in fact ended up doing so little. I have ordered a gadzillion pounds worth of supplies however, but as for making ???? I wanted to keep with a theme of very simple, so once I had the orders out of the way I made the two above. I wanted to create something that was sparkly yet very plain, and I think the spoon handle crystal pendant worked, I just wish mauve would be a little more accomodating when it comes to being photographed (it just seems such a shy colour to capture). And wanting to move a little away from the traditional peapods, which just keep on and on and on, I made this 3D moon catching falling stars. Again I love the simplicity and the 3D ness.
And to top it all off, my back has now come back with a vengeance! At least it stayed away mostly during the week, but AGH!


18 Feb

So lazy. It was my birthday yesterday, and I did just about a huge pile of nothing, which was amazing! This morning I have found my energy again, and have all sorts of ideas, but no time! Last day, but it has been a great week, new ideas and directions with things. And some kind soul has added me to a feature in their blog. The4inONE. Very grateful.

So lazy!!!

15 Feb

I’m on holiday this week, one whole week to create in – not!! My intention was to rest and make at my leisure, instead, I have been searching for new supplies, but the price of silver has gone up so much I keep going round and round in circles. I have spent the entire afternoon today looking for supplies for my cufflinks only to eventually go back to the original and just have to suck up the price increase. So, starting from tomorrow, I will make! Or maybe just stay in bed – we’ll see!

Spring is coming – honest!!

5 Feb

Carrying on with the theme, this has just been finished, though not connected as it needs to be for a necklace, but the cleaning up has been done. I was able to get the patina the exact same colour as the cubix zircona – a lovely pinky mauve, however once you lacquer them, the colour loses some of its warmth, but at least it will be safe to wear. If you look carefully it has three crystals in the lowest is a mauvy colour the next up is a pinky red, and the top one is a pale lilac.

I think, this one is staying with me. Two reasons, one – I am sooo pleased with it and two – until I get my hallmark sorted out I can’t sell it in the UK anyway, as we have a law here that anything weighing over 7.8 grms must be hallmarked by the assay office, and this beast weighs nigh on 12 grms!! So would be blinkin expensive anyway! (£60 / $98), so reckon it’s time for a present for me, and anyway it’s my birthday very very soon!!

New Ideas

2 Feb

New kiln, new ideas. Recently a design of mine got ripped off by someone, initially I got royally hacked off by it, but in the end decided that as I do this for calm and peace and it is my passion I had to let it go and discover other ways / methods to play. So here is what I am doing at the moment. I am using more and more other elements in my silver and I added a patina on the recessed part to give definition. Time consuming and absorbing and I have to say I was delighted with the end result. I have another 7 or 8 in the process at the moment, and will post them when they are ready.