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26 Feb

Someone said to me the other day happiness is defined as follows:

Sensual happiness (taste , good food, music etc)
Having a talent or a skill and using it in some way
Believing in that skill and spending a lot of time practicing it.

Well I have to say as a definition I like that. I know for the last however many years I have felt a deep contentment, which is really odd as in many ways life has been a bit topsy turvy and not 100 percent secure, but if it follows the above definition, that would explain it. I thoroughly enjoy, like really enjoy a lot of junk food, but when I say I enjoy it, I mean I can look forward the whole day to savouring some totally junk, no value bag of corn starch modified msg’d snack. Particularly on Saturday night – late watching a pile of total pants on TV. And then comes the jewellery. Since allowing that to take over much of my life, I have, although often completely knackered, just not been able to stop. Almost an obsession, but how satisfying when it is finished, when it has been photographed and put online and then when it sells, now that is what I call satisfaction. Add to all that, the love of a gorgeous, sweet, kind darling man, who really could ask for more. So yeah, defined as above, I am ecstatic.


That moon tonight……

7 Feb

It’s a really crisp chilly night, I was walking round to the corner shop and a scruffy young lad (maybe a little worse for wear) crossed the street looked up and said to his girlfriend (I presume – also slightly worse for wear – or maybe just pig gin frozen stiff) “oi – cum ‘ere – look – the moon tonight – it’s really fucking beautiful”

I did smile – it was really lovely and he was right it’s bloody gorgeous tonight, a huge close, clear moon. And I was transported back a gadzillion years, to being on Java, I was being a given a ‘rickshaw’ ride by a young local lad, who said something lovely.
him ‘where you from’
me “Paris, I live in Paris’ (cos I did at the time)
him ‘ Oh… Paris. Look, look at the moon’
me ‘Yes very beautiful!’
him ‘ Yes Java has very beautiful moon…. do you have a moon in Paris?’

and you know.. at that moment I was just filled with gratitude for everything I had been given by being lucky enough to be born into the society I had been born into, where basic education was just taken totally for granted. We have a lot missing in society nowadays but I just can’t imagine any one in this society asking that question. But I still feel a really warm feeling when I think of that night and his pure innocence.

I was also reminded (coming from a Naval family) that tonight – absolutely everyone around the world, wherever they are, is going to be looking at the same moon, so if you are looking at it at the same time as me, we can be on different sides of the world (night cover permitting) and looking at the same thing – a connection!
So.. do you have a moon in your country? 😉

Sometimes a hug is worth a fortune!

29 Jan

I have a cyber friend who has spent her life being bullied by an inner demon, and finally she has found a way of evicting that demon and appreciating that she is an amazing and gifted artist, but it needed kind words from others for her to realise this. (I won’t say her name but many who read this will know who I mean).

It’s crap you know, to grow up and doubt yourself all your life, too many of us do it.
So, today I handed over a piece that was commissioned by a stranger. I tortured myself the entire time I was making it, it wasn’t my normal style and I just wasn’t sure. I met the lady, and she.. hugged me!! I welled up like a good ‘un!That hug meant so so much.

So, I was so delighted, I posted about it on facebook, and a lovely lady who sells some of my stuff in her shop posted the following back:

We had a gentleman raving about your work last week. He bought his wife some jewellery for Christmas and she really loved it, so he came in and got some more pieces for her birthday, I think she will have one of everything soon. We’ll have to expand our range!!”

So, today has been a lovely lovely day, and today I feel what I do is maybe good enough, unfortunately I know who I am and what I am like and that tomorrow it will have faded into the past, so I am really enjoying this feeling, like the lady at the top of the post. I am going to make a huge effort (more than I already do) to make sure that anyone I know who makes anything at all, knows that what they do is unique and extremely special – as are they!

The Most Romantic Proposal !!!

22 Nov

About three months ago my lovely gorgeous friend asked me to make a ring for him and his partner. He wasn’t really sure what he wanted so we sat down and talked around the houses for about two months! The original design was made (many times) and I just didn’t like it, so came up with something else. It was easy enough to get my friends ring size but the partner? tricky! He only has one ring and wears it all the time so we couldn’t ‘borrow’ that to size it. I tried posting a random post on Facebook asking for people to tell me if they knew their men’s ring sizes… even though he is an ardent FB poster, he didn’t bite! So I started carrying around my ring guages and tossed them on the table while we were having coffee one day and asked if he could tell me his, I was starting a new range and wanted to know the ‘average’. Finally we had a size. The new design was a goer, a thick silver band with a solitaire diamond in a flush set, with a heart inside and a secret message engraved!
Moving on one month to the proposal.
A short holiday in Marrakesh, a hot air balloon ride and my lovely friend, apparently gripping on for dear life, popped the question. And the answer was yes, as the picture shows – by the pool with a Morrocan tea.
I am so happy!! Will get more details when they get back.
Just wanted to post this, to show romance isn’t dead!

Where it all began!

10 Nov

My father came in from the garden (from his workshop) and told me to close my eyes and hold out my hand. He dropped the most amazing jewel in my hand that I’d ever seen. It was the clearest crystal and a huge blood red ruby ring and he’d made it for me. I was the princess with the crystal ring.

Of course it wasn’t really anything precious, it was glass and perspex, but try telling that to an awestruck 6 year old (1964)

My lovely dad, who was away at sea for many of my young years, was able to do anything. He was taller than anyone else’s dad (and I used to stand on a chair to try and show people how tall he was 😉 and he could do anything at all. I suppose I idealised him, and then used to get a bit shocked when he came home from sea and would swear – he would say ‘bugger’ and ‘bloody’ but – well I supposed all men did that didn’t they?
(When I grew up I realised he wasn’t really that tall, and although he did swear he only used mild words).
Thing was, I grew up in a world where you were judged more by what you created than by what you knew. We didn’t have any books in our house, save for a set of encyclopeadias and a few Denis Wheatley novels. Both my parents were incredibly creative. My mother was an amazing seamstress, knitter, painter, flower maker and very entrepreneurial. My father was an incredible carpenter, and could fix any and everything.

I miss the man, the honest, straight, honourable man, stiff upper lip English to the core man, but I also miss like hell the man who could tell me what I needed, how to fix it, where to start man, the man who would always sort it out. We called him ‘daddy fix it’.

Anyway, I digress, I just wanted to show this ring, this was the thing that made me fall in love with jewellery, and now that I make it, I so often think back to this ring and would so love to show him that I still have his ring, and to show him the rings that I make now.
Yes, this is the most precious thing I have I suppose, it’s lovely isn’t it.

(By the way, yes that is a monkey on his shoulder – a great holiday we had as a family revisiting a part of the world where I spent some years growing up)