The Uncountables

29 Feb

The Uncountables at the Edge of the Wedge

Once again a fab night with the boys.  Luc, Lewis, Alan and Tom.  Tuesday night isn’t really a night I ever fancy going out, and I had to truly drag myself out, but was so glad I did.  The boys are getting better and better and The Edge of the Wedge is a great venue.  They have ditched the slows and have moved on to more lively stuff which works really well. I have to say Lewis on bass is so animated now, he never used to move, he reckons it was because the neck of his bass was so long 😉 , but he is just ‘Mr jump round the stage’. Luc I have never seen doing solo guitar slots and I didn’t know he was such a good guitarist, the lovely Alan is just a joy to watch – he enjoys himself so much.  Tom, what a talented man Tom the drummer is, and why is the drummer always in the back, in the dark so no one can see them?  They never get any glory but without drummers well – what do you have?

What always makes these evenings so good are the students, they really know how to enjoy themselves, I wish I was that uninhibited!

Fab night.


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