26 Feb

Someone said to me the other day happiness is defined as follows:

Sensual happiness (taste , good food, music etc)
Having a talent or a skill and using it in some way
Believing in that skill and spending a lot of time practicing it.

Well I have to say as a definition I like that. I know for the last however many years I have felt a deep contentment, which is really odd as in many ways life has been a bit topsy turvy and not 100 percent secure, but if it follows the above definition, that would explain it. I thoroughly enjoy, like really enjoy a lot of junk food, but when I say I enjoy it, I mean I can look forward the whole day to savouring some totally junk, no value bag of corn starch modified msg’d snack. Particularly on Saturday night – late watching a pile of total pants on TV. And then comes the jewellery. Since allowing that to take over much of my life, I have, although often completely knackered, just not been able to stop. Almost an obsession, but how satisfying when it is finished, when it has been photographed and put online and then when it sells, now that is what I call satisfaction. Add to all that, the love of a gorgeous, sweet, kind darling man, who really could ask for more. So yeah, defined as above, I am ecstatic.


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