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Designing with crystals.

27 Dec

Latest designs from the holidays! I have a love of circles, circles appear everywhere in nature, nearly everything that has a regular form in nature is related one way or another to a circle. Check it out the next time you see a leaf or a flower, or even a rainbow!

So, while these may be quite abstract, I feel they reflect nature’s treasure chest. They are made with fine silver and crushed minerals. My biggest problem is not having a camera with a spot function, and so they aren’t as detailed and crisp as they are in real life. The colours shown here are a mix of greens, blues and teals. They catch the light and are so sparkly! I like the constrast with the heavy designs of the silver. I tried manipulating the colours in photo shop, but felt that was cheating a little, even though it does give a better impression of what they are really like. (The large pic is as it came, the small picture shows the manipulated shot.)

(And in case you were wondering – this isn’t one necklace but 5 pendants!)

Now just got to get on and upload and list them. Sadly for the bank balance – I’m completely addicted – yet again!

Happy New Year!!


On the front page of Etsy

20 Dec

Oh Yes – lovely way to end the year – on the front page of Etsy!
Thanks to Lacocone.

Coming to the end….

12 Dec

The end of the year is nearly here, and my fingers are frazzled. I must have made forty gadzillion little peapods, each one a little bit different, and so many have new little homes. These last two months took me by surprise, I wasn’t really prepared for the Christmas rush. Next year I will be! So, time to sit back, ponder on next year and dream a little. Thank you to all my lovely customers.
Oh by the way, I am having a massive new year sale (50% off) on my gemstone, lampwork, crystal and sterling items for the new year. If you would like more details sign up for the newsletter with the link above. Have a very happy and restful holiday period.

The Crafty Fox Pop Up Market

5 Dec

I’m going to the crafty fox pop up market next Saturday at the Dog Star Pub in Brixton. Really looking forward to meeting other Etsians and have a chance to set up my stall again. If you are around the area do pop in and say Hi, would be great to meet you. Click on the link to see who else is attending.