Archive | November, 2010

To the Lighthouse

30 Nov

Delighted my yachts at sea pendant is here – second up on the left – I was so pleased with this.


7 love momentoes

21 Nov

I was recently commissioned to make a lovely idea, 7 love momentoes to celebrate a couples anniversary. The gentleman who commissioned this had put a lot of thought behind it and came up with the following ideas:

A squid. ( a stuffed gift)
A walking stick. (a walk they had been on)
A disc with JMJ (A restaurant)
A scarf (knotted) (A gift)
two sets of footprint (barefoot) (from a walk)
A pot of congee – open or closed (from a meal).
A Kayak (from a trip)
I was sent some photos to copy and the above are the representations.

Christmas Present Hunting

19 Nov

Perfect timing – just right for christmas – my peapod cufflinks.

And more leaves

18 Nov

Here are a few of the latest leaves. I’m in the middle of doing a commission at the moment, can’t wait to go and find the last remaining leaves around to play with.

Blue and Chocolate

16 Nov

My lovely rainbow flowers are here – top right.

Getting into leaves

10 Nov

Ages ago I tried my hand at making leaves, and wasn’t that impressed with the result. I then refound the piece and recrafted part of it and suddenly I thought it was just the loveliest thing. So.. that started me off again. Of course it isn’t really the right time of year to be looking for leaves but that brought it’s own inspirations with colours, I love treating the silver so they arrive with gorgeous colours. The one on the left however just struck me that it looked like an angel. It was made using a type of a sycamore leaf (the maple family??) and isn’t the normal wide leaf but looked like wings and a gown. I now have a whole little bush that are waiting to be finished and photographed!!

Thinks in Green

9 Nov

The Silver Ball and Chain necklace is here. Love this!!

The Secret Affair

7 Nov

My ‘Taken’ Dog tag here!

Wanna be my cowboy?

5 Nov

My ‘No Limit’ Dog tag is in this one.