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Rainbow Flowers – colour colour colour!

31 Aug

I have just started uploading my new range of rainbow flowers, which have just all the colours in the rainbow in them. I’ve made them smaller than the original, to make them more affordable.

I think they are very much like the pea pod mummy necklaces, and also have mother and child version, much small (and cheaper).

I just wish photos could actually show all the colours.


A Rock in a Turbulent Sea

29 Aug

Delighted to have my silver peapod in this treasury.

Luscious Limeberry

28 Aug

So delighted that my summers day passion flower was featured here.

Golden Red

27 Aug

Here are my golden swarovski crystal cufflinks. I love those cufflinks, and the way they sparkle.

Patinas – Midnight Flowers

26 Aug

The range of flowers is growing. I wanted to make some flowers with some colour in, and so the saga of trying to get a patina finish started. Well three weeks later I finally managed to get a result I was pleased with, and that is the central one – that I have kept, is not for sale and is staying with mummy!! Totally delighted with it. The colours of all of these is so vibrant and rich, the photos just can’t them justice. Many glasses of wine, searching through books and online, checking in with forum buddies helped me get here, so I am very grateful to the metalclayheads team at Etsy.

Teal and Turquoise Team from Britannia

24 Aug

From the lovely team Brittania, again my little blue midnight daisy is featured. I just love all these colours.

Summer Lilies

24 Aug

I made these, was very pleased with them, but then felt they weren’t finished, so added the trailers with 20 guage silver wire round the top and that was it, then I was pleased.

I have to say it took quite a few attempts to curve the silver without it cracking.

Silver Flower Collection

22 Aug

The idea of making flowers came during one lovely summer day sitting in the garden. I love the simple shapes. It seems to me that nature makes everything from either circles or squares. (I know some famous artist said there were only three shapes necessary – can’t remember who it was). So this was the first series. I call these flowers at dusk. I didn’t want them to be just bright silver so I treated them with a patina, but deliberately kept it just dark greyish.

I think my favourite is the wet water lilies in the centre.

More pea pods!!

20 Aug

Just a little addendum, have also just introduced pea pod charms for bracelets, or the tinyiest little pendants.

Cute eh!!

Silver Pea Pods

20 Aug

I saw somewhere a little pea pod made out of wire jewellery, and just loved the idea. They represent the members in a family and I thought them to be gorgeous. I thought about it afor a while and wondered if they would look nice in solid silver. So… one day I was playing around with my silver and was really pleased with the results. I put that one online at Etsy and it sold straight away. That was it, I was hooked and started making them for all size families. They go up to five at the moment, which is a chunky little beast. I decided that I would also make them available for one. I know it’s a bit odd but some people are just totally complete by themselves. It was also an option to be able to add an extra one if you already have a pod of a couple. So here they are.