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Art – Greg Riley (revisited)

30 May
There is now a link with all the works from the Trompe l’oeil festival – do look the works are amazing!
I wrote about Greg as one of my first posts, as I admire his work so much. He finally has his website up –
Here are a few more of his pieces.

He has some really exciting news and that is that he is exhibiting in the Trompe l’Oeil festival in Lodi in Italy at the end of this month. The following is the link to his page on the website:

(In fact he’s there right now – Good luck Greg!!)

See him at the festival on youtube – he’s the first guy talking in English!!

or to go to the main site:

Greg – I wish you all the luck in the world, not that you really need it, hope you have fun too!
(to see more of Gregs stuff and read about him – check out his website – linked to title of post)


Featured on Etsy Front Page

23 May

I know it’s crass and I’m blowing my own trumpet, but I got featured on the front page today and I’m still so made up with it, so am posting here.

And from that the views in my shop shot up to 530 for this one item in one day! That’s it, that’s all I wanted to say – big ruddy YAY oh YAY!

Glass – Highwater studios

22 May

Brenda and Robert of Highwater Studios is a husband and wife team who have fallen in love with making lampwork beads and jewelry. All of our items are handmade here in Oregon, and we put tender loving care into all of them.

Do go and have a look at their unique twist on lamp work at their studio. (click the title link)
Thank you so much you two – lovely stuff.

Art – Elizabethart

15 May
A little different from what I usually put here but I thought these were just just such fun.  Elizabeth says
“Hi, I’ve been a working artist for 10 years. I work in several and have produced acrylic paintings, art furniture and ceramic sculpture. Lately I have making Earthen Critters, ceramic animals designed to be placed in the garden or home. I hand build each one and they are all unique. I love layering the colors over each other giving each piece luninosity and depth. I fire each one to a high temperature and use non toxic glazes, which makes them safe for the environment and weather proof.

I don’t do much realistic work, however, I have taken numerous painting and drawing classes and I think its important to learn technical skill. My work usually includes layers of medium with a gloss substance over the top. I love texture, depth, color and luminosity. “

Don’t change your style Elizabeth – they make you smile when you look at them – and that’s a gift!

Glass – Lalalampwork

8 May
I first saw Helen’s beads on Twitter where this lovely little pig kept popping up! I wrote to Helen and asked if she’d mind if I posted a picture up here, she very kindly said it was ok and here he is:

My name is Helen Mitchell and I live in a village near Peterborough. I am married to Jason and between us we have 4 lovely girls … I began beadmaking in December 2005, my husband bought me a starter kit for Christmas after I had been going on for months that I wanted to make my own beads after seeing a display at a bead fair. I knew it was for me and ever since then have been totally addicted…. My bead making gives me a purpose and a goal and without it I am sure I would be a bit lost and probably quite mad!!!

See more of her work at:
Twitter: lalalampwork

Thank you so much Helen

Art – Zypsiollia

1 May

Renee calls her art ‘dark’ – I find it very interesting!

Zypsiollia consists of Renee Gorman – me. When I was a little girl being an artist was the thing I wanted to do \”when I grew up\”. Well, now I am all grown up and after taking the long way around to get here, I am attempting to make my way as an artist.
The history on the name of my shop is as follows – my younger brother and I were having a conversation regarding the lack of words that start with a \”Z\”. We began making up words starting with \”Z\” and my brother came up with Zypsiollia. I loved it. I think it has a whimsical sound and has the \’feel\’ of a real word, so I made it one. It is my word, my brand for my artwork, and means only me.
I am a traditional, conceptual artist. My work is strange and unusual, because I myself am strange and unusual.

Thank you Renee

See more of her work by click the title link,